My recipe for “pecho” with Tinder

Since the application Tinder arrived in France, life is simpler. But sometimes it remains complicated. We can find ourselves in front of this dredge app geolocalised like a hen before a knife without understanding how to use it, despite its simplicity of use. Is it there to meet love, or just for an evening? What about them? And why do I ever have “matches”? And I write what, now that I got one?

Live from New York, Tinder’s uninhibited guide.

As we promise you only the best, we asked his advice to blogger UFANY, a Frenchman in New York . In the US, the app is available since September 2012 and is all the rage. And there, we do not pretend. Articulated around the first date, the “date”, relations are already, from the point of view of the encounter, relatively simple, codified and certainly not hypocritical. What are the tricks of a dredger ”  anonymous so that I can say everything”, in love with the city skyscrapers and the devilish application? The floor is his:

I always hated dating sites. Because you have to chat for hours to pick up an appointment.

I’m willing to give myself a little trouble. But not up to go bother me at this point.

With Tinder it’s done in ten minutes.

And Tinder in New York is PHENOMENAL. The city becomes a realm of sex for good with such a thing. Because all the elements are together.

A density in girls absolutely delicious. Most are single. Many are very pretty. And all of them think essentially about sex, as it is de rigueur in New York.

So when you put something like Tinder in your hands … It makes sparks. No more limits.

For a few weeks, I have learned to master this tool from Heaven.

I am a few rules to the letter. They work very well for me. Maybe they will also work for you.

1- Tape in the cream

The offer is overflowing. The girls are here in astronomical quantities.

So you have to type in the cream. Only the cream. A girl who is not splendid, you must learn not to even see her. We’re not here to find the soul mate.

Tinder must be your supplier in quality. Your nugget. Do not let yourself be intoxicated by the abundance. Out of 100 girls you may want to like five or six. Max.

Ideally the pictures should be a little naughty too. History to see what we really have to deal with.

There you can go:

I met this girl one day after having liked her picture. And after two appointments I was quite warm between her legs.

She had fake breasts. Good. I do not like it specially. But the rest was splendid. And she was a goddess under the duvet .

One of many. So thank you Tinder. Thank you.

2- Do not lie

Store the pictures where you are much more handsome than in reality.

And do not tell too much bullshit either. Because to make way under the quilts of the most beautiful girls of the city implies to avoid disappointment from the first appointment. You may be very charming. The lies are never.

Moreover, you have already received one of these Cameroonian spams? In general they begin with “I son of the Prince of Cameroon very rich. Seek serious person to ki send $ 3,000,000 because prince in jail. You want ? ”

If they smell so much the scam is done on purpose. Spelling mistakes too.

They know that if you answer it is that you are an asshole. Easy prey. They let you qualify yourselves. Gain of effort and considerable time for the son of the prince.

Apply this technique for No Match Tinder.

Make it clear right away that what you want is chew (see below).

Those who for one reason or another have begun to seek love on Tinder will be discarded. Only girls whose sexual appetite is as senseless as yours will remain. And everyone will be happy. It is not a matter of crushing hearts that have not asked for anything.

3- Chat useful

You have selected your splendor. It starts to chatter. You have to do it fast. And above all to verify that his intentions are very sexual.

It’s easy.

Be at first very flirty. Always start by telling her how pretty she is. It sends a clear message. It will be received. Generally for the best.

Unlike many others, Tinder is a humble and honest technology. He absolutely does not know if it can stick between you and this girl with the tempting photo. Not the least idea. And he tells you.

But it makes sure that you meet very quickly in order to check for yourselves. Love and sex are made for Men (and Women!). Machines do not understand it. Tinder knows it very well. aslo check for Tinder profile picture

4- Lift the “date”

This is where you have to start providing a little.

You know that your Tinder girl is 1) very beautiful and 2) sexually available and willing. The goal is now to meet her. Give him your number so that something gets organized.

It must be felt. Find the right timing. But it must happen very early in the conversation. Tell her that you would like to meet her after fifteen minutes of maximum discussion.

Because once again, there is the beauty of Tinder. It’s not for discussion.

Sometimes the chat continues by texting. Do not panic. She just wants to be able to tell herself that you’re not necessarily a serial killer. Brief usual checks.

Provide a time and place of appointment as soon as you feel an opening. Never let the stuff drag on whole days.


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5- The appointment

You have an appointment with a very pretty girl. Whose intentions are similar to yours.

Good game.

But the main thing remains to be done. It’s like any other appointment.

So be fun. Ask him a lot of questions. And especially pay the bill. Always pay the bill.

No matter what you say.

Pay the bill.

And then put on nice shoes. Women always notice them.

You have to be a bit patient too. Do not expect to go home in half an hour. Once, I found myself at a Tinder girl from the first appointment. Once. That’s all.

In general it is necessary to wait for the second. On the other hand if things do not become clear to the third, then let go. Your chances are too thin. And too many girls are waiting.

If you do well things you will have a permanent stock of 4-5 beautiful girls anyway.

Any other suggestions? Send it! I really want to hear them.

And we heard them! He also went to meet Tinder users to find out how they use it, what they are looking for and what they think … It’s here!


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